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My Latest Projects And Thoughts

So it’s been a while since I updated this blog so I just wanted to update folks on what’s been going on. I have been really swamped with client work as well...

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A New Google Update Rolling Out? Mozcast Reports New Record High!

Over the past few days there seems to be a lot of chatter regarding a new Google update that seems to be rolling out at the moment. Particularly the folks at Mozcast (a...

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Even More Private Blog Network Advice

I have recently received several emails asking me advice regarding private blog networks (PBNs) so I decided to write a new article going over perhaps the overlooked...

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Mobilegeddon Much Ado About Nothing?

Well it’s been about a week since Google rolled out its much anticipated “Mobile Update” on April 21st. In case you have been living under a rock or...

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Scary ride on rollercoaster

The Google March Update Rollercoaster

March 2015 is already coming to an end, but this month saw some interesting shakeups when it came to search engine rankings. Yes it is true that Google makes hundreds of...

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Lifestyle Changes That Will Boost Your Earnings

Something that I have been trying to work on over the past year is to become more efficient with my time. As entrepreneurs, everybody knows that time is money, but not...

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black hat seo

Some Thoughts On Black Hat SEO

Reading through various SEO forums online I notice there tends to be some confusion about what Black Hat SEO is and also how to be successful at it. I like to think of...

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social media seo

The Impact Of Social Signals On SEO

A topic that I see coming up time and time again on internet marketing forums is whether or not social signals (tweets, likes, shares etc) has an impact on SEO. There...

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