Does Content Offer The Highest ROI?

I had a recent conversation with some internet marketers online, and the topic of discussion was “what gives you the highest ROI when it comes to internet marketing?”. Is it purchasing paid links for your website? What about Facebook or Google Ads? Something else?

When it comes to ROI, believe it or not the thing that will give you the biggest return is quality content. Yes that doesn’t sound very sexy at all, but it is the truth. Nothing you can do in the internet marketing space will give you a higher return on your investment than producing quality content.

Building Up Virtual Real Estate

Throughout my internet marketing career, I always viewed content as basically online real estate. If you think about it that is exactly what a website is, it’s online real estate.

Now it’s obviously not as passive an income stream as owning a piece of real property, however for a fraction of what it cost to purchase property you could create a website that generates a lot more money. Here’s an example:

Obviously the above is a hypothetical example, but I think most internet marketers would agree that the above comparison is a valid one.

I’m not saying a blog is a better investment than real estate or vice versa, but it should be clear that a website that you put time and effort into can generate as much if not more than a rental property.

Content Has Infinite Returns

So after you create a piece of content on your website, the returns are basically infinite. If you create great content, that specific article on your website could earn you money theoretically indefinitely.

Again it’s like building up virtual real estate, initially you’ll start with the first few bricks, and over time you grow it into a 5-diamond resort by slowly adding content every day.

content marketing

If you create your own content, the cost is only your time, thus your ROI is basically infinite on that specific piece. The ROI is far higher than even the greatest Facebook or Google Ads campaign can give you.

If you have a larger budget and can outsource your content creation, you can again run the numbers to see that content will give you the best return on your investment there as well.

For example say you outsource 1000 articles at $25 a piece, your total investment would be $25k. However over time do you think you could recoup that investment even if you just slapped some Google AdSense ads on there and let it run? Of course you could.

Then after you recoup your investment, everything after that is free money (obviously an oversimplified example).

Content Is Not Sexy

I think most internet marketers shy away from content because it’s not the sexiest of things to do. It’s more of a secondary focus, most people view content as just a placeholder for all of their affiliate links.

Most affiliate marketers would much rather buy some paid links to rank and bank a site, or set up their next paid ads campaign and fiddle with landing pages and campaign optimizations.

content marketing

Yes creating content is boring, and initially you may not earn anything from it. If you have a new website, it could be months before you see a single dime from that specific piece of content. How many marketers have the patience to just create content and wait it out? Not many.

However for the internet marketers that do have the patience to bang out quality content consistently on a day by day basis, the rewards over time will be tremendous.

If you want to make the most money consistently in the long run, you need to reverse the priority of how you do things. Focus on creating great content first and then the rest of the stuff after. If you do this, all of the earnings and traffic acquisition should take care of itself.

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