How To Guest Blog Like A Pro

Guest blogging is a powerful search engine optimization strategy when done properly. If you’re not familiar with guest blogging (or guest posting), basically it’s when you reach out to other webmasters in your niche offering to write an article for their website as a “guest blogger”. Usually this is done in return for a link back to your site as well as for more exposure. So it is a combination of an SEO and marketing strategy.

However most people who utilize the strategy don’t really do it properly and thus reap very little benefit from the guest post itself. They either target low quality websites that offer very little SEO value or nobody worthwhile ends up accepting their offer.

So if that sounds like you or you’re just getting started with guest blogging, here are some tips that will help you succeed.

Understanding The Basics

So when it comes to guest blogging, the basic strategy is going to be outlined below:

guest blogging

So now that we have outlined the basic strategy, we first have to find blogs to target.

The easiest way to find targets for your guests posts is to simply Google them. Just search “Top _______ Blogs” or even just “_____ Blogs” where the blank is whatever niche you’re in and see what Google pulls up. Usually someone has compiled a list of “Top 50 _____ Blogs To Watch” or something similar, and that’s a good place to start.

For example when we search for “Fishing Blogs” we get the results below:

So as you can see right at the top there is already a list of “Top 100 Fishing Blogs & Websites To Follow in 2021”. Now that we have the list, we just go down the line and try to contact as many as we can.

For example after we click on the list we come across a blog called “Fishidy Blog”, and we see in the top right corner there is an option to “Write For Us”.

Once we click that we get the below:

So now we would just shoot them off a message and hopefully get a response.

Keep in mind most blogs won’t likely have a “write for us” button, so you will just have to find the contact information and send them a message that way.

However the above is just the basic process of what we will be doing, so now lets get more into refining our strategy so we can increase our chances of success.

Have A Good Website To Showcase

First to be successful at guest blogging, we ourselves need a website that is worth showcasing. Most webmasters are weary of guest blogging requests because they are aware that usually the author is just in it for the link. In fact if you have a legitimate website, you may get requests for guest posts on a weekly basis!

To increase your chances of getting accepted as a guest blogger you need to have a good website. Obviously webmasters aren’t just going to let any stranger add content to their website before examining what kind of content they are capable of producing in the first place.

If you request a guest posting opportunity and just have a crappy 10 page affiliate website to link to, chances are you’re not going to get accepted very often.

So before you even attempt to utilize guest posting in your SEO toolbox, you need to make sure that your website is even worth linking to in the first place.

Write A Good Opening Email

As noted before, if you have a quality website you’re going to get guest post inquiries quite frequently. And as someone who has been on the receiving end of thousands of these inquiries over the years, I can tell you most of them come across as pathetic “link fishing expeditions”.

Most of the emails I receive are generic and like the below:

“Hi there,

I really like your site there is a lot of great content. Do you accept guest posts? Let me know, thanks!

Best Regards,


Whenever I get an email like this, I just toss it in the trash. This is obviously a generic email that is getting sent out to hundreds of websites, and I am not going to let someone who is just fishing for links guest post on my website.

A better method what will dramatically increase your success is if you at least take 2 minutes to look over a blog you’re interesting in guest posting on and to write a more personalized email.

An example of a more personalized email would be something like below:

“Hello Elaine,

I just wanted to drop you a line regarding your article on potty training older dogs. I really enjoyed your article, and I think your terrier Kirby is really cute as well!

Anyway I’m writing to you because I also just started a blog on dogs, and I was wondering if you allow guest posts on your site? I would love to write a great article for your site, and I think I can contribute something your readers will benefit from.

Best Regards,

Sam Johnson”

An email like the above that addresses the webmaster by name (easy to find) and also includes some specific details (terrier Kirby etc.) is much more likely to get their attention and a positive response than the generic email example before.

So again if you want to increase your chances of getting positive responses to your guest blogging inquiries, it’s important that you do your best to carefully craft a good opening email.

Play The Numbers

Even if you have a great website and take the time to create a great opening email, chances still are most of your guest posting inquiries will not get any responses. That’s just the name of the game, and many webmasters are just not open to guest bloggers, or at least guest bloggers that they have no prior relationship with.

So again if you send out dozens of emails don’t get discouraged if only a few respond back to you, this is just par for the course. So get that list and fire away, because most people you email won’t even respond back.

Actually Write A Good Guest Article

If you do get the opportunity to guest post on some blogs you’ve reached out to, it’s very important that you actually write a great article! Don’t just toss up 500 words of generic BS, actually go out of your way to produce a great piece of content that will bring value to their readers.

By doing so you expose your own blog to their readership, and thus you could pick up some new readers and grow your own blog’s following.

Furthermore by writing a great piece of content you could create more guest posting opportunities in the future, as well as other sorts of collaborative endeavors that will benefit you in the long haul.

Promote Your Guest Post When You Can

Building on the previous point, after writing your guest post article it’s important that you also do a little bit of promotion as well.

Obviously if you have a social media presence, let your followers know about the guest post you just did to help drive some traffic.

If the website you guest posted on sees that your article is driving a lot of traffic (and possibly links) they will definitely be more than willing to collaborate with you in some way again in the future.

So there you have it some tips to get you started in the world of guest blogging. Hopefully this guide will help you to get your website more links and exposure to a larger audience.

If you follow the above strategy I guarantee you that your chances of success will go up dramatically. Just remember that this process does take time to develop, so just be patient and eventually with enough diligence and consistency you will begin to reap the rewards.

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