The Top 4 Adult Traffic Sources Reviewed

When it comes to adult traffic, there really are only 4 players in the game that if you’re new you should start off with.

If you ever want to get into the “taboo” area of the internet, there are many opportunities available for affiliate marketers.

Adult traffic is best for affiliates that are promoting casual dating, male enhancement, adult gaming, and webcam offers.

You’ll also see paid membership sites, but these generally are run by the adult film studios, and I would highly recommend against promoting them as an affiliate (they just convert poorly).

Also these days you’re seeing more and more mainstream products being advertised as well. Everything from CBD, Erectile Dysfunction treatments, and even biz opp products are now being advertised on these platforms.

So if you want to get into promoting affiliate products in the adult niche, here are the Big 4 traffic sources you need to know about.

Traffic Junky

Traffic Junky (or TJ for short) is home of some of the largest adult sites in the world. These include Pornhub, Redtube, Youporn, and a few other smaller sites.

Traffic Junky

As a newb to the adult traffic space, this is a good place to start to learn the ropes as these sites have very high quality traffic (lots of search traffic and few bots).

Traffic is sold only on a CPM basis at Traffic Junky.

Pros Of Traffic Junky

Traffic Junky has high quality sites which is great for newbs to learn the ropes when it comes to adult traffic. You’ll find that there’s a ton of trash adult traffic out there, so when you’re first learning how to put a campaign together you want traffic that is good quality so your campaign funnels can get good feedback.

There is also a lot of volume limited to a handful of sites which makes it easy to dial in once you get some campaigns in the green there. Since you’re only dealing with a handful of sites, campaigns can be much easier to manage.

Cons Of Traffic Junky

Traffic Junky traffic is high quality, but it’s also some of the most expensive adult traffic out there. It’s not uncommon to pay $0.50+ per click on the platform, which in general is high for adult traffic. So unless you have good offer payouts (generally reserved for top affiliates) it will be hard for you to overcome the traffic cost there to profit.

Also the customer service at Traffic Junky is terrible. I’ve ran campaigns there for 5+ years and every time I had an issue the customer service was awful. Yes they responded to you, but the response they gave you rarely helped you and after a while I just stopped emailing them unless the issue I was facing was egregious.

Also the interface of the platform is slow and buggy, which is shocking considering they own Pornhub (largest adult site in the world) and you would think they could hire better developers to fix it.

Also they are pretty strict when it comes to what types of banners you can run on the platform, so again this doesn’t help us as affiliates since we end up paying more per click due to the inability to upload more aggressive creatives.

Finally on some ad placements the quality traffic is sold in bulk to certain advertisers, leaving everyone else bidding on the spot with the trash traffic leftovers. So if you aren’t paying attention and running ads in a spot like this, you’re going to throw a lot of money away as the CTR is poor (resulting in high CPCs) and the conversions not great either.


The next adult traffic network to review is Exoclick. Exoclick is the largest network in terms of impressions and websites, but this is broken up among thousands of smaller adult websites.


There are a few notable adult websites that you can buy traffic from there including Youjizz and Spankbang, but Exoclick is mainly a collection of the smaller adult websites of the internet.

Traffic is sold on both a CPM or CPC basis at Exoclick.

Pros Of Exoclick

Exoclick has probably the best user interface when it comes to adult traffic networks. It’s fast and easy to optimize your campaigns on, especially when you add conversion tracking into the mix.

Exoclick’s great interface also makes it very easy to analyze and target traffic that is working you. They probably have the easiest and most robust targeting features to use which really helps advertisers zero in on profitable funnels.

They also have great customer service, and they are also more lenient than Traffic Junky when it comes to the types of banners and landing pages you can use.

Also if you run traffic there long enough you can begin to identify some “hidden gems” that aren’t over saturated with advertisers, and of course as the largest network the platform does have good volume.

Cons Of Exoclick

Exoclick is the largest adult network out there, which means there are also a lot of trash sites on the network. There are a good amount of sites on the platform that are bot-infested or sites with very poor quality traffic.

So to profit on Exoclick, you’re going to need a little bigger budget to identify the good from the bad.

Also something I found annoying is their funding limits when it comes to credit cards. I think initially you can only max out at like $5k a month if you fund your account with a credit card, which is hardly anything when it comes to paid traffic. So I would always have to go back to support and ask them to lift my limits, and I think they lifted it like 5-10k at a time, again which is really annoying if you buy a lot of traffic.


The third network any adult media buyer needs to have an account at is TrafficStars. They are the home of Xhamster, one of the largest adult sites in the world, so if you’re interested in running ads there you should go through TrafficStars (though sometimes they sell inventory on Exoclick too).


They do sell traffic from other sites, but from what I’ve seen it’s pretty sporadic and the volume isn’t great. Their main focus is definitely on Xhamster, and I have really only used them to run ads there for that specific adult site.

Traffic is sold on both a CPM and CPC basis at TrafficStars.

Pros Of TrafficStars

If you can find a campaign that works on Xhamster there is some decent volume that can be pushed behind it. It’s also not as saturated as Traffic Junky, so again if you can get something to work there you can make some serious coin, especially on the mobile traffic.

Also my experience there with the account managers and customer service has always been great.

Furthermore they are also pretty lenient in comparison to Traffic Junky when it comes to campaign approvals for banners and landing pages.

Cons Of TrafficStars

I think a lot of campaigns are really hit or miss on TrafficStars. Even though it is a huge adult site, I feel the traffic is more “niche” and caters to a more discerning viewer as the website is not as mainstream as say a Pornhub. So it takes a bit of testing to find something that will work there consistently.

Also I noticed in the past couple of years the CTRs have gone down, thus driving CPCs up which again makes it harder to profit. I think a lot of this is due to the fact they have introduced native ad spots into the mix and they also are selling bulk lots of premium traffic to certain advertisers, leaving lower quality traffic for everyone else using the bidding platform.

Traffic Factory

The last adult traffic network you need to know about is Traffic Factory. They are the home of Xvideos and XNXX, so if you want to run traffic on these websites you’re going to need an account at Traffic Factory.

Traffic Factory

Pros Of Traffic Factory

Traffic Factory seems to be the best combination of traffic quality and pricing. Their websites offer a ton of quality volume for advertisers, and the pricing is not really over saturated at this point which is nice.

From my experience they have great account managers, and customer service has always been great as well.

The approval process for banners and landing pages has typically been fairly lenient, but recently they have seemed to become more strict especially with regards to images that may violate copyright laws.

Cons Of Traffic Factory

Probably the biggest con of Traffic Factory is there aren’t really any targeting options. You just have to pretty much take all the traffic that they give you on the placement you’re advertising on.

I also don’t like the fact that recently they combined the mobile header and footer placements into one spot. Anyone who has run adult knows that header and footer placements perform differently, and they are also priced differently. So when they are now smashed together in a single placement, it leads to erratic performance in your campaigns.

Furthermore the traffic quality seems to drop off quite a bit the further down you fall in their rotation. For example if your ad is served in the 1-5 slots, the traffic is pretty good and will convert well. However anything beyond those spots and for some reason there seems to be a big drop in traffic quality.

So there you have it my review of the top 4 adult traffic networks that you need to know about if you’re going to decide to be an affiliate in this space. Of course there are other adult traffic networks out there, but they are just not as prominent as these 4 are.

If you’re a newb to the adult game, these 4 networks are where I recommend that you start. If you guys have any thoughts or questions, let me know!

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