What Is The Best Social Media Platform To Start With?

Everyone knows that social media is a great way to build brand awareness as well as drive traffic to your website, but which platform is the best to start with?

Now obviously the correct question will really depend on what your website is about as some subjects perform better on certain platforms than others. For example if you have a very visual niche like cooking or home decor, you may benefit more from Pinterest or YouTube.

On the other hand if you have a niche like legal services or politics, you’ll probably find Twitter and Facebook to be a better fit. So it really is a “it depends” question.

That being said I think for “most niches” the correct answer is…

It’s Twitter!!!

Yes Twitter, the armpit of the internet! A cesspool of angry people tweeting at each other over politics mixed in with a small portion of useful conversations (which we hope to be a part of).

However as disgusting of a place as Twitter can be, it is actually quite a useful platform for promoting your website and it is the place that I recommend you start if you’re at ground zero.

You Can Attack From Right Out The Box

Unlike the other social media platforms, with Twitter you can attack right out the gate which is really something you can’t do with a new Facebook Page or YouTube Channel.

On Facebook and YouTube you kind of have to wait a while until your following grows to reap any rewards from your social media efforts.

However with Twitter, your very first tweet could be at the President of the United States or the Pope!

On Twitter you can begin interacting right away with others on the platform, and growing your Twitter following is a great way to start building up your other social media channels as over time you can begin to redirect some of your followers to your Facebook Page, YouTube Channel, Instagram account etc.

Twitter Is Great For Picking Up Links

Another thing that is great about Twitter is that it is a great place to pick up links for your new website. Pretty much anyone who has a blog or writes anything online has a Twitter account, and if we can get some articles from our website in front of the right people we can start to pick up links and thus grow our search engine traffic.

Oh And Yes Twitter Can Drive Traffic

Finally Twitter can drive a lot of traffic if again you get your articles in front of the right people. Now obviously some types of site content have a better chance to go viral than others.

For example a celebrity gossip site will probably get more retweets than a site on personal injury law.

However no matter what niche you are in Twitter if done right can be a good source of traffic that you can funnel over to your main website.

So again the above are my reasons why if you’re not sure where to start with social media I think you should start with Twitter. So get out there and start tweetin up a storm and get your other social media channels going as well!

Richard Yoshimura

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