Are You Thinking Long Term Enough With Your Websites?

When I was a kid I learned about the tale of the “Tortoise and the Hare” which is an old fable about a race between the two that the tortoise eventually wins because “slow and steady wins the race”. Even though the hare initially runs laps around the tortoise, eventually the hare gets sloppy and the tortoise passes by to win the race in the end.

Similarly a lot of internet marketers build their website portfolios in the same way as the hare. They chase short term profits at the expense of long term results. I admit I’ve been guilty of this as well, and it’s understandable in today’s instant gratification culture. However it’s not wise, so if you’re a young internet marketer or anyone who wants to do this long-term, please read on!

Why I’m Writing This Post

Probably from 2010-2016 I was very active on various internet marketing forums. In fact for a long time I ran some of the top selling SEO services on Warrior Forum and Black Hat World. Eventually as my business grew and I got busy with my own clients and projects I spent less and less time on these forums to the point where now I visit them like once a year.

I think forums are great initially when you’re first trying to learn things, however eventually you get to the point where you’ve squeezed out just about all you can learn and you eventually leave. Of course you still continue to learn, but most of your learning now comes from “real world” experience and select marketers you follow and network with. But so I digress.

Anyway I recently hopped on to some of these forums and I noticed the vast majority of these marketers are looking for short-term profits. Everyone talks about “private blog networks” and “rank and bank” strategies, but hardly anyone talks about building a long-term sustainable business. And to be honest it’s a bit depressing.

I can’t criticize them though, I was once one of these internet marketers. When I was coming up in the game “micro-niche sites” were all the rage, and I had a portfolio of several hundred websites making $1-2 a day off Google AdSense before Google cleaned our clocks with some brutal algorithm updates! Ah those were the days!

However if I could go back in time a decade I’d tell myself that you need to focus more on building for the long-term. Instead of having hundreds of sites, just focus on a handful, or even as little as one website done really well. Things like growing your e-mail list and positioning yourself as a industry leader will far and away make you more money in the long run than these short-term strategies.

Getting Back To The Tortoise And The Hare

I don’t fault these internet marketers chasing the short-term strategies as building something for the long-term is boring. To use our tortoise and the hare analogy, if you were to focus on building a “long-term website” you may not even come close to making the kind of money some of these short-term strategies make probably until year 2-3!

The difference though is from year 3 and beyond the tortoise is much better off. The tortoise’s income keeps growing and growing while the hare is nowhere to be found.

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t engage in any sort of short-term profit strategies, I’m just asking you to think a little bit more about the long run. How long are you planning to do this? If you plan on doing this for a while, you’re going to want to start building stuff with that in mind.

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