How To Start A Blog

If you’re looking to make a little extra money or perhaps make a full-time income, blogging is a great way to do it.  However if you’ve never made a single dime online, such a task may seem like an uphill battle. 

Don’t be intimidated though, setting up your new blog is fairly straightforward. Here are the basic steps you need to take to start a blog:

Step 1. Pick A Domain Name

To start your blog you’re going to need a “domain name”.  That’s basically just the name of your website (the www.).   To purchase your domain name you’re going to have to go to something known as a “Domain Registar” like Godaddy or Namecheap, which is basically just a place you buy domain names from.  You need to create a free account there and purchase your domain name.  

Domain names cost about $10/yr (depending where you purchase from) and need to be renewed every year.  I recommend when starting your blog that you try to choose a “.com” extension as it’s the most brandable and easiest for people to remember. 

Step 2. Sign Up For Web Hosting 

Once you picked out your domain name, your website is still not “online”.  You’re going to have to purchase “web hosting” which is basically just the place that all of your website files are going to be hosted and put online.  

Web hosting can cost anywhere between a few dollars to a few thousand dollars a month based on how much traffic you’re getting.  

However since you’re starting a new blog and won’t have many visitors initially, you can purchase a web hosting plan in the $4-7/mo range from a place like Hostgator and likely be fine.

Step 3. Install A CMS 

Once you get your domain name and web hosting, you’re going to have to install a “content management system” (CMS).  That’s just a fancy name for the platform you’re going to be writing on.  

There are many CMS options out there, but generally for bloggers the preferred go-to choice is something called “WordPress”.   

When you set up your web hosting, most providers have a simple 2-click installation of CMS platforms like WordPress that’s easy to set up just like below:

WordPress is very user friendly and has the most integrations of any CMS platform out there, and it is the choice that I recommend you use.

Step 4. Start Writing Content 

Once we have our domain, web hosting, and installed our CMS it’s time to get writing!  The key to success for any blog is to have great content.  What you write about is going to be purely up to you. 

I recommend choosing something that you at least have some knowledge in and are passionate about.  

Remember you’re going to be writing a lot about this topic, so you need to make sure that you have enough passion to stay interested and consistent. 

Some Other Things To Consider…

So now that you know the basic process of starting your own blog, there are some other things to consider.  Merely getting your blog online is not the hard part, we need to make sure that people actually visit it and read it.

I’m also going to assume that you’re probably interested in using your blog to earn money, and you’re not merely just writing for the heck of it.

If that sounds like you, here are some other things you need to consider:

What Niche Should You Blog On? 

You may know what you want to write about for your new blog, but did you really choose the right subject matter? 

Should you perhaps narrow your focus, go wider, or perhaps change it all together?  What’s the competition like, can you actually succeed? 

What Should I Promote On My Blog? 

Choosing what products and services on your blog can mean the difference between “quit your job money” and “beer money”. 

Are you promoting the right products to squeeze out the most earnings from your blog’s traffic? 

How Should I Promote My Blog? 

Obviously you’re not going to be able to just blog and expect people to find you.  You’re going to have to get the word out!  So what does that mean? 

Should you just stick to Facebook or Twitter, or do you need a YouTube channel?  What about Google? 

These are all things you’re going to have to think about. 

Am I Using All The Right Tools? 

When you’re blogging you’re entering the world of tech, are you using all the necessary tools out there that your competitors are using? 

Are you utilizing all the installations and plugins that can double or maybe even triple your earning?   

What Don’t You Know? 

Like the old saying goes “You don’t know what you don’t know”.  Are you building your blog in a way that maximizes your chances for success?  What aren’t you doing now that you should be doing?   

The worst feeling is not doing the simple things from the beginning that will make a huge difference to your traffic and earnings in the long run.

If this all sounds complicated to you, don’t worry I’ll help you get things set up with my quick start blog course. So stay tuned!

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