Should You Outsource Your Website Content?

Anyone who has ever owned a website knows that content creation can be a laborious task. Even the most enthusiastic webmaster over time becomes wary of writing, and when this happens it can have a disastrous impact on your results.

Obviously creating content regularly is important because you need to keep your regular readers engaged, but as many of you know, it’s also important for search engine traffic. Google loves websites that are updated regularly, and to keep that search engine traffic flowing, your website is going to need fresh content regularly.

So if you’re tired of writing your own content, when should you start outsourcing some of the work?

Here are my thoughts to help you get started.

Can The Content Even Be Outsourced?

The first thing we need to determine before we even consider outsourcing the content of our website is whether it’s even possible to outsource in the first place. The truth is certain types of content is easier to outsource than others.

For example if you run a blog on a highly specialized topic like advanced engineering or stock market analysis, it’s going to be near impossible to outsource because of the cost to hire an expert to produce such content if you can even find them in the first place.

On the contrary if you have a website about something like celebrity gossip or a movie reviews, chances are there’s going to be a lot more people who will be able to competently create content for you at a reasonable price.

What’s Your Budget?

The next thing you need to consider is the budget you have available to outsource. Obviously if you don’t have a lot of money to work with, you’re going to have to take the time to produce most of the content for your websites yourself.

On the flip side if you got money to burn, you could probably outsource most if not all the content for a website.

Also you need to consider if it makes sense for you to invest a lot into outsourcing content in the first place. Depending on your situation and budget, outsourcing may or may not make good financial sense.

If you have a website that’s earning a good chunk of change every month, then outsourcing some of the content may be a great idea. For example spending $1000/mo on content to grow a website that makes $5000/mo is probably a good financial investment.

However what about outsourcing the content for a brand new website with zero earnings? Well that’s really something you need to figure out if you want to invest in as of course you will probably not see a return on your money for quite some time.

Do You Care About The Website?

Another thing to consider when outsourcing your website content is how important the website is to you. For me personally I’m more inclined to outsource content for affiliate websites than say for websites that I care about (like this blog).

I think generally you will find when outsourcing content you will run into quality control issues, especially if you aren’t paying a high price for the content. If you’re only paying $10-15 for a 500 word article, the quality of that article can vary dramatically from writer to writer. So I prefer purchasing this sort of content for “rank and bank” type affiliate websites.

Unless you’re committed to finding and paying for high quality writers, for websites that you care about I’d recommend writing your own content just mainly for quality control purposes.

How Much Should You Pay?

When it comes down to how much you should pay for content, the amount can vary quite a bit depending on the writer.

To be honest there are a lot of writers out there in my opinion that want way too much money to write for you. While quality content isn’t cheap, you shouldn’t get ripped off either.

If you need a ballpark figure for a 500 word article, I think a good price to pay for content you’d be cool with slapping on an affiliate website would be in the $10-15 range. If you find the right writer (ie broke college student) you can actually get quite a bit of well written content for even $8-10 an article.

For higher end expert content you’re probably going to have to pay at least $40-50 for a 500 word article, and even upwards of $100/article is not unheard of.

Also something you should do if you have the budget is to bargain by buying in bulk. For example if a writer is saying he’ll write for $20/article, try to see if you can get him down to $15/article or so if you bought say 20 articles at a time. In most cases if you offer them bulk work they’ll be happy to give you a discount.

Please note I generally don’t like buying more than 20-30 articles at a time. If you buy say 50-100 articles at once, the writer just may decide to machine gun them out just to get through them and the quality won’t be as great.

Also as a general rule of thumb you don’t want to send someone too much money up front in case they disappear off the face of the earth. The last thing you need to do is send a writer $1-2k for articles and never hear from them ever again.

If you do need more than 20-30 articles written, just let the writer know up front and tell them as soon as they complete that batch you’ll send a new order and payment over right away.

Where To Find Writers

Remember before making any purchases be sure to ask for samples! That being said, here are my recommendations for great places to find writers if you’re interested in outsourcing your content needs:

Warrior Forum – There are usually several freelance writers at any one time looking for work there and I’ve had a lot of good results from hiring on Warrior Forum. You won’t really find many super high-end writers, but if you’re only creating affiliate websites, you should find what you need here.

Black Hat World – Just like Warrior Forum, lots of good writers for your basic content needs.

Upwork – If you’re looking for more specialized content Upwork is a good place to find it. The prices are higher than Warrior Forum or Black Hat World, but after doing a couple of projects with a writer on Upwork you can usually negotiate with them for better rates.

Freelancer – Just like Upwork, Freelancer is a great place to find more specialized writers. So again if your content needs are more involved, definitely check out the writers here.

Craigslist – Another great place to look for writers is Craigslist. There are a ton of writers looking for work there, so definitely scroll through some listings and see if any catch your eye.

So there you have it my thoughts of when, why, and how you should outsource your content needs.

Again you can choose to write all of your stuff on your own, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

It really comes down to personal preferences and your budget, however if you’ve never outsourced anything before, hopefully this article got you at least thinking about it.

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