Taking Time Off To Improve Your Productivity

So I’ve been doing this affiliate marketing stuff for over a decade now, and let me tell you that it is important from time to time that you give yourself a break from it all. Taking time off to refresh your mind and body can go a long way in your productivity which will also of course improve your profitability.

Lets face it, the past year has been incredibly stressful for most people. Covid-19 has basically turned the world upside down, and even if you work for yourself as an affiliate marketer or in some other capacity, you were not immune to the mental and physical toll of the pandemic.

For myself personally I was never a big fan of vacations. As an entrepreneur there is always more work you can be doing, there is always something out there that you can devote your energy to that will help move your business forward. However that being said it isn’t always a good idea to keep working, sometimes you need to put the brakes on and focus on some self-healing.

So if you find yourself with a foggy mind or struggling to be productive, here are some things I believe will help you get back on track.

Don’t Be Afraid To Take Time Off

I think first it’s important that you recognize that taking time off may actually help you reach your goals faster than not. Earlier in my career I was always afraid to take time off as I feared falling behind on projects or the competition, and this fear kept me spinning my wheels on the proverbial hamster wheel.

However I realize now that I’m older that a well timed vacation can actually improve your productivity drastically. There’s no point in working long hours every day if you’re just half-assing it and not getting anything efficiently done. You’re just setting yourself up for failure.

Now when I say take time off, how much you take off really depends on the current condition of your mental and physical state. For me personally going through the ups and downs of the pandemic, I had to take off 3 weeks from really doing anything, which is probably the longest vacation I’ve taken in a decade. I mean I did do the work to support the clients I managed, but I halted all of my own personal projects to really give myself time to heal.

If you’re in a relatively good physical and mental state but are just experiencing some fatigue, then maybe you may need only a few days to a week off. Again don’t be afraid to take time off, in the end you’ll come out better and more productive, and I guarantee your increased productivity will put you in a better position at the end of the year.

Unplug From Social Media And Politics

Besides taking some time away from work, I would also recommend that you try to avoid social media and politics (tv, newspapers etc) as much as possible as well. These places are just filled with toxic energy, and when you’re trying to heal your mind and body, the last thing you need is to be overwhelmed with negative vibes that these outlets thrive on.

For me personally I’m usually a big social media and news consumer, however recently I’ve been trying to be more disconnected from these things if I don’t have to use them. Obviously working online social media is everywhere, and if you’re an affiliate marketer or make a living online, unfortunately it seems these days it’s a necessary evil.

However minimizing any sort of social media or changing the channel from your local news to something else more relaxing will go a long way in your personal healing process, and again this is exactly what you’re after when taking some time off to refresh yourself.

Incorporate Some Physical Activity

If you don’t already do this regularly in your life, I highly recommend that you devote yourself to doing some sort of physical activity during your time off. For me I’m approaching 40, and I can tell you as you get older it becomes much more difficult to maintain your focus if you’re not in good physical health. I long for the days when I was 25 and could bang out 10 hr sessions straight on my computer, however these days that’s just not a realistic possibility for me.

Now I’m not suggesting that you become some sort of gym rat or go crazy, but maintaining a reasonable bodyweight and some regular exercise not only goes a long way for your health but will also improve your productivity.

For me personally I notice that when I gain more weight I tend to fatigue easier, and it’s much harder for me to work the necessary hours that I want to for my career. I’ve also noticed this impact has magnified as I’ve gotten older.

Many affiliate marketers I think tend to be on the younger side (under 30), so they aren’t really thinking about these sorts of things. However if you want to have any sort of longevity in this game, you need to at least do some regular exercise on a weekly basis. Again if not for your career, just for your overall health.

So again if you feel like you’ve gone a few weeks/months without being your most productive best, if possible I highly recommend that you take some time off to refresh. You’re only hurting yourself (and likely your profitability) if you’re operating on a daily basis as anything less than your best self.

So hopefully this article got you thinking a little bit about taking some time off. I know it’s helped me greatly with my focus in 2021, and I know it will do the same for you if you’re struggling with any sort of fatigue that is keeping you from being 100% the best version of you.

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