The 3 Best Google AdSense Alternatives

Anyone who follows me knows that I am not a big fan of Google AdSense. I think 90% of the time there are far better ways to monetize your website than with Google AdSense, however some webmasters just don’t want to put the time and effort into split-testing other programs.

That being said there are some types of websites that just can’t be monetized in any other way. For example if you own a website about celebrity gossip or politics, unless you’re willing to create your own merchandise to sell it’s going to be difficult to find an affiliate program with related products.

So if you’re one of these “set and forget” webmasters that just want to slap a code on your website and not think about it, or perhaps you’re one of the thousands that have gotten banned from Google AdSense, here are 3 of the best Google AdSense alternatives that you should consider.

Note these are not listed in any order in particular, they are just 3 of the best options I think are currently out there at the time of writing this blog entry.

Google AdSense Alternative #1: Ezoic


Founded in 2010 by the man who was the former CEO of Facebook’s first advertising network, Ezoic is a great alternative to AdSense you should test. One of it’s most popular features is its “Ad Tester” which basically uses machine learning to optimize the ads on your website based on your visitor’s behaviors, which could theoretically cause you to earn more than with AdSense.

If you’re big on split testing and trying to test your way to the most profits, I think Ezoic will probably be the best alternative to Google AdSense I list. So if you’re a big data guy, I think Ezoic will probably be a good fit for you.

Note that there are some requirements your website has to meet before joining Ezoic, they won’t just accept any publisher.  The biggest hurdle is the 10k sessions/month, though if you’re just short of that with a quality website they will likely accept you.

If you’re interested in checking out Ezoic you can do so here.

Google AdSense Alternative #2: MediaVine


Another great alternative to AdSense, though there is a higher requirement to get accepted to Mediavine as you need a minimum 50k sessions/month.  Again they use their tools to optimize ads to  earn you more than AdSense, and despite the acceptance threshold we mention it here as it is a good Adsense alternative.

I think Mediavine is probably the strictest in terms of who they work with out of the 3 Google AdSense alternatives I’ve listed, however if you can get accepted into their program and have a good quality site, the customer service experience is great.

If you’re interested in checking out MediaVine you can do so here.

Google AdSense Alternative #3: Adthrive


Adthrive is another great AdSense alternative but they do have a requirement of a minimum 100k pageviews/month and the majority of the traffic needs to be US based.  Again if you can meet the requirement you’ll likely earn a little more than with AdSense due to the premium advertiser pool.

Adthrive also has a 20% RPM Guarantee right now that basically states that they will guarantee that within the first 2 weeks of joining their network their RPMs will be 20% greater than what you used before. They are running this promotion till June 15th, 2021 (maybe they’ll extend this?) so if you haven’t already it may be a good time to take them for a test drive.

They also plan to implement something called “cookie coverage” in response to Google Chrome’s removal of third-party cookies which of course meant lost revenue for publishers due to the inability to track things. Basically for each quarter in 2022 they will cover up to 5% of your RPM dips related to Google Chrome’s new policy which is pretty cool.

If you’re interested in checking out Adthrive you can do so here.

Again we mention the above three Google AdSense alternatives as many people reading this blog will prefer just letting these ad servers do all the work.  So if you’re going to run Google AdSense for the long haul, at least consider testing the above 3 Google AdSense alternatives as there’s a good chance at least one of the above companies will help you earn more.

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