When Should You Get Started With Paid Traffic?

When it comes to internet marketing, to me paid traffic is the final frontier. If you’re lucky enough to build a budget to get to the point where paid traffic is a possibility, consider yourself fortunate because most people never get there.

So when should you get started with paid traffic of any sort? Here are my thoughts of when and how you should start if you are thinking about making the jump into paid advertising.

What’s Your Budget?

When getting started with paid traffic, it’s important that you start with a budget that you can lose, because chances are you will.

Learning paid traffic is a whole new beast from whatever you’ve done before, and no matter how good of an affiliate you are, you’re going to lose money when you first start. So you better make sure you don’t need this money for food or rent!

Also you need to look at your initial budget as an investment in your paid traffic education. It’s much easier to think about it that way as opposed to “Omg I just blew $2k on Google Ads”, you’re learning a new skill, and this is going to cost you money.

If you were to ask me what the minimum budget would be to start with paid ads, I would say at least $3k. And when I say $3k, I’m talking about running traffic in smaller geos, not Tier 1 countries like US, CA, UK, and AU for example.

With a lower budget you’re better off learning the traffic source, how to set up campaigns, optimize, and create working funnels in less competitive geos like perhaps Eastern European or Latin American countries. Still plenty of money to be made in these geos, they just aren’t as competitive as running a campaign in the US.

Even if you have a large enough budget to run stuff in the US, you still may want to start in a less competitive geo just to learn the ropes. Nothing wrong with that, and to be honest you likely have a better chance of success if you start that way.

Starting in a Tier 1 geo may cause you to go bankrupt and just give up, so it may be a good idea to get your feet wet somewhere less competitive.

Also note paid advertising is all about allowing your campaigns to run until you have enough data to make informed decisions, and unfortunately doing this means you’re going to dig deep into your pocketbook.

Whether it be blowing money on finding the right offers to promote or learning how to optimize landing pages, again recognize that taking the plunge into paid advertising is going to cause you to take a hit financially.

Stick To One Traffic Source

A big part of being successful at paid traffic is to pick a single traffic source and learn it inside and out.

When people ask me “Richard what’s the best traffic source to start with?” I tell them there’s no right or wrong answer.

Whether you choose to go with Google Ads, Facebook, Native etc. for the most part all of them are competitive. So just pick one and try to learn everything you can about it.

You’re much better off say learning how to run Facebook ads for 2 years than jumping around from traffic source to traffic source. You need to master the intricacies and nuances of each, and this can only happen with experience and thousands of dollars of ad spend.

Learning how to properly setup campaigns, optimize, and control traffic costs is what separates the profitable marketers from those that aren’t, so stick with a single source and try to learn everything you can.

Final Thoughts

Taking the leap from free traffic methods to paid ones is a big one, and you need to be careful or you could blow through your entire budget rather quickly.

Again chances are when you first start you will lose money, so just mentally prepare yourself for that. It’s the cost of learning, and you should view it exactly as that.

Also again I recommend that you start in a smaller and less competitive geo if you’re new. Just get comfortable with setting up campaigns, analyzing data, and doing the optimizations before jumping into a larger market.

If you follow all of these steps eventually you’ll get the hang of things and hopefully become profitable. Good luck.

Richard Yoshimura

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